Our Approach

A laser focus on the enabling technologies shaping how tomorrow’s therapeutics are developed.

We Are Focused

AVANT BIO is dedicated to fueling innovative companies in the Life Sciences and Healthtech space that are developing Therapeutic-Enabling Technologies capable of making therapies more accessible and unlocking new possibilities.

Thematic Focus

  • Equitable Access to Therapies Globally
  • Speed and Quality in Drug Discovery
  • New Modalities, New Needs
  • Robust, Reliable manufacturing & Supply Chain
  • Clinical Trial Access, Diversity & Efficiency
  • Digitization Across All Functions and Stages
  • Innovations in Healthtech

We See New Opportunities

With our team’s over 4 decades of experience, AVANT BIO has the foresight to invest in enabling life science technologies that few have visibility to or have considered.

We Catalyze Value

Portfolio companies leverage our global network, domain expertise, and an active investor approach to scale and maximize value creation.

Vanguards Welcome

We’re eager to connect with life science vanguards.

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