Advancing Tomorrow’s Life Sciences

The time is now for life sciences. Unmet needs in modern therapeutic development paired with technology breakthroughs are creating enormous opportunity for investment and advancing transformative therapies.

We invest in …

  • Therapeutic Enabling Technologies
  • Biomanufacturing tools and automation
  • Machine Learning and A.I. Applications
  • Healthtech
  • Techbio
  • Contract Services

Tomorrow’s cures rely on today’s Therapeutic Enabling Technologies

Embracing the emerging convergence of biology and technology, AVANT BIO partners with visionaries at the intersection of advanced technologies and novel therapeutics. Together, we are seizing opportunities that arise from innovative companies delivering cutting-edge technologies to rapidly advance the development of game-changing therapeutics.

Capitalizing on Convergence

Advanced technologies are required to realize the promise of novel therapeutics. Innovative companies are answering that call, combining incredible new technologies with a greater understanding of biology. We recognize the immense potential in this field and are uniquely positioned to seize these opportunities.

Unlocking the Potential

Companies developing Therapeutic Enabling Technologies and Healthtech solutions offer stability and promising returns. AVANT BIO mitigates investment risks, leveraging insider access to identify high-potential companies other funds often overlook.

Forging Transformative Partnerships

AVANT BIO actively partners with visionary entrepreneurs to maximize value creation. With 40+ years of experience, we provide connections, deep expertise, and long-term guidance to bring innovative ideas to life and drive transformative therapies.

Who We Are

AVANT BIO is laser-focused on investing in innovative technologies that mitigate risk, offering the opportunity for non-binary stability and excellent short- and long-term risk-adjusted results.

Vanguards Welcome

We’re eager to connect with life science vanguards.

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